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Physics : Los Alamos, Nevada (Photos)

Once upon a time this was the location of “The Manhatten Project” during WWII. Known as The Fuller Lodge. It was originally the dining hall for the Los Alamos Ranch School and later as a community center for Manhattan Project workers.  It was built in 1928 using more than 700 Ponderosa pines . In 1942, it purchased by the Manhattan Project for use in the top-secret effort to develop the first atomic bomb. During the Manhattan Project, the lodge became the place for meals and rooms for visiting scientists, and it was also used as space for dances and various other events. More information about The Manhatten Project is at Manhattan Project – Wikipedia and a video is at https://youtu.be/Xzv84ZdtlE0?si=kad76qhTD2IDpEt4